Choosing an Affiliate Program

Choosing a casino affiliate program may appear a little daunting at first as there are many options. However, with a little time and research it should not be too difficult to find one which is suitable for you. Support forums where users exchange ideas and advice are easy to access. There are sites which contain directories of affiliate programs, along with reviews. When choosing a casino affiliate program it is important to look for a casino with a good user reputation. Make sure that the software is reliable; that the payouts are fast and that the customer service is efficient. Investigate the tracking and reporting tools. Look into the details of the T&Cs (minimum referral requirements). A few programs may contain a lot of intimidating legal jargon.

Casino affiliate programs vary in how their commission policies. Some operate on a revenue share basis while others work by Cost per Acquisition (C.A.P). C.A.P gives you a percentage of your referred player’s losses. This is usually for the lifetime of your account, but occasionally it may be through a flat one time commission. Some programs may offer a hybrid commission – a combination of revenue share and C.A.P. Commission is on average about 25 – 50% on the net gaming generated from your referred players. Commission can often be tiered based on the revenue levels generated by your referred players, but some programs may offer you a flat commission based on all revenue generated by referred players.

When a player wins negative commission is generated. If the total wins exceed the number of losses it becomes a negative balance. Some programs have a ‘negative rollover’ where negative balance is carried over to the following month. Others, however, do not use this and will reset your balance to zero at the beginning of the next month so that you may continue profiting as usual.

Affiliate networks are available which will enable you to promote more than one casino affiliate program from one account.  With a little background information it should be easier to know your requirements when choosing a casino affiliate program.